November 1, 2016 • ScuttleButt
There’s no time left for these long posts. For the rest of the campaign you can join me on Twitter @RealJimCasey I’ll be there everyday giving real replies to the stupid rhetoric of the other candidates. See you on Twitter!

The “Bite Me” Debate part III

October 10, 2016 • ScuttleButt
  Hillary sidesteps the most fundamental issues about who should be on the Supreme Court. It’s one thing to say that the constitution has room to make changes that are inclusive. It’s another thing to fundamentally change the constitution by revoking the right to keep arms, the right to be free from illegal search and […]

The “Bite Me” Debate part II

October 10, 2016 • ScuttleButt
  Martha Radizt just can’t be satisfied if Trump doesn’t answer a question the way she wants. Extreme vetting of non-citizens is constitutional and necessary. Somehow, Hillary agrees, and yet, according to people like Raditz, Hillary is politically correct and Trump isn’t. Hillary says the same thing by going around the block to say the […]

Hillary The Hillaryous

June 1, 2015 • StickyButt
Hillary needs to answer this one question: Isn’t it true that Chelsea is a test tube baby selected by gender. The White House Kids cannot be off the table when the future of socialized medicine – and compulsory genetic engineering is part of the equation.

The “Bite Me” Debate part I

October 10, 2016 • ScuttleButt
DJ Trump needs to reevaluate his spin on law enforcement. It’s not good for cops to get killed, never-the-less, cops and municipalities have no right to set up their own little nations based on double standards for those they don’t identify with. Anderson Cooper, and all the others are crazy to call Trumps recent remarks […]

Uppity White Folks Party Be Aksing Funny

October 8, 2016 • ScuttleButt
  Really? Donald J Trump likes groping women, and that’s what broke the back of Republican leadership? Maybe the republican religious zealots would rather have a homosexual for president?   In the mean time, many things Trump has done, including coming out against the second amendment, makes his agenda unacceptable. The Republican party brought it […]

Have You Heard? Ivanka Wants To Fuck-A-Lot !!!

October 6, 2016 • ScuttleButt
If there’s one thing Ivanka Trump has always been good at, it’s insulting herself.  Now, she apparently intends to insult everybody else. She’s been spouting off on TV lately saying her daddy is gonna pay for all the women who want to have their baby to get health care and insurance  and unemployment and tax […]

The Terrible Swift Sword

October 5, 2016 • ScuttleButt
So, what happened after that…? After whut? oh, oh, oh, …well, I woke up in the Hoboken train terminal five years later. What happened during those five years I don’t have a clue. I don’t remember the ambulance or the flashing lights and I never did remember feeling even a little bit of pain. Next […]

News Media Showing Racist Bias

September 27, 2016 • ScuttleButt
The media is churning it out this morning after the debate and one thing is certain – they are showing their racist bias. They continue to obsess over the birther rhetoric surrounding the out going lame duck president. Nothing could matter less at this point in election process. They are glossing over the real issues. […]


September 27, 2016 • ScuttleButt
Stop and frisk is brazenly unconstitutional. It is intended to abridge the second amendment. Arbitrary “no fly lists” are brazenly unconstitutional. Limiting guns is a cop out that ignores the reality that most violent crime is rooted in economics. The fact is, Chicago, and other cities are largely impoverished. Each of the aristocratic candidates has […]

Donald J Trump… YOU ARE FIRED !!!

September 21, 2016 • ScuttleButt
This is exactly why I have not actually endorsed Trump yet, although I did come close, now it will not happen. And, this is exactly why I am still running my own independent campaign for president. Because, Hillary still cannot be president. Just write-in Jim Casey for president. Trump has just endorsed the nation wide […]

Trump Launches Mommy God Obamacare

September 14, 2016 • ScuttleButt
Trump has got to get elected, but… really? There are still a lot of people who don’t have a job, and a lot of people who don’t have health insurance, and the world is still over populated. I don’t really see where spending precious national resources encouraging Mommy Gods to make more rug rats makes […]

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