Trump Must Resort To Stratagem

One thing is for sure, this election is rigged… by TRUMP !!!

Trump is just like Grinch was eight years ago when he could have beaten Obama by opposing illegal immigration. Likewise, this election has been Trump’s to lose from the very beginning. If he does loose, as the expert gurus are now saying he’s passed the point of no return, it will be because he chose to throw the election in some sort of magnanimous gesture of affirmative action. Only he knows his true motivations, and only he and God know if he can pull off another miracle and win.

Now, I’m a good guy, and at this point I can say rigging the election for the first black man was the right to to do – since after all, damage control has been fairly effective. And listen up black folks, I’m being straight here. There certainly have been rigged elections long before Obama showed up, so don’t think I’m just impugning the character of the first black crook in the white house just because he’s black. Crooks is crooks.

If Trump does rig the election for Hillary to be the first woman president, damage will be out of control – just like Hillary. It’s one thing to advance affirmative action so individuals are represented, it’s another all together to let that be the basis for fundamental changes that are not supported by the majority, or the constitution. Hillary does intend, for instance, to advance disarmament of the people through constitutional abridgements. Electing the first woman president isn’t important enough to destroy the democratic system.

That’s why it doesn’t matter how blathery stupid Donald Trump is. Either way, it’s damage control. But, at least Trump isn’t threatening to sink the ship over a pea sized hole. We can recover from Trump as president, and one day a woman will come along who isn’t irrational, histrionic, myopic and hell bent on ruling her own mommy god kingdom at the expense of the peoples liberty.

There can still be a woman president. But, for this election, we must first save the republic. If Trump does try to rig the final results for Hillary… we should hold his feet to the fire and make him be president anyway.

I Don’t Like It, But It’s Still Gotta Be Trump

The only thing more bizarre than Donald J Trump are the reactions to Donald J Trump.

For example. I’m still trying to figure out why it was wrong to recognize the Muslim woman wasn’t allowed to speak. Is that the American value that her son, and so many other soldiers died for? Is a silencing burka muzzle what the “democrats” now stand for? Hillaryous.

I get it. But, I really am beginning to wonder if the media, and other political leaders get it.

In the case of the media, however, that really isn’t the most important question. The media should rise above the politically correct scrutiny that has become second nature and offer honest and unbiased coverage and commentary.

This election definitely will be about who will NOT be elected. Hillary cannot be elected no matter what, in my view. That of course is what they say about Trump. But, as it turns out, maybe the most important message this election is that someone else isn’t going to be elected – the media.

Fascist Capitalism – The Unseen Boogerman

The thread is sometimes hard to see. It is however, what unites both presidential candidates, and even Huntsville’s own demagogue – Tommy Battle.

In truth, greed and power are the oldest motivators. These remarks are motivated by Trump’s entrance to Freddie Mercury’s ballad. Trump don’t really care about the idealistic conflict, as long as it makes money. Ironically, the joke may actually be on the republicans if it turns out Trump can make money on the homos. He probably would even invite one to his office. Some of them homos represent a LOT cash flow. Pun intended. It has been rumored, unfortunately, that Trump’s opportunism even extends to the likes of El Chapo. Who could pull off those rediculous prison bathroom escapes, after all, without some kind of Hollywood entertainment contract…

Hillary really isn’t interested in her own feminist facade either, when it comes to an opportunity to advance the territory of her own kind – the attorney’s.

Oh, and Tommy Battle. Well, he’s the kind of guy who’s been known to suggest “crack whore” is a good job description.

As for me, I’ve always been pragmatic, and a little opportunistic. There is a limit, however, where I can’t agree with people who think “professional” means anything goes. I just call that organized crime or conspiracy.

God rest Freddie Mercury. Who the champion’s end up being in this presidential election is yet to be seen. I don’t the American people are going to win, though.

Hillary The Hillaryous

Hillary needs to answer this one question: Isn’t it true that Chelsea is a test tube baby selected by gender. The White House Kids cannot be off the table when the future of socialized medicine – and compulsory genetic engineering is part of the equation.

That’s Uh Insult

The vultures are gathering in Cleveland, inside and out – and in the media, as the uppity white folks reality meeting is scheduled to begin tomorrow, July 18, 2016.

And just this morning, three more coppers were gunned down in Baton Rouge. Mr. Trump has already stated that he is a law and order candidate, while the policeman’s union rep. has called for suspending the US constitution during this important step in electing the next leader of the free world.

It seems to me nothing could better illustrate the intent of the right to bear arms than a bunch of darkie yahoos demanding an end to the cotton embargo.

Folks ought not to get shot for expressing themselves, even when it comes with uh insult.

Political leaders ought to insult people from time to time just to remind everyone we’re all in the same boat.

Political leaders who throw people overboard, best look out for the yahoos whether they be darkie yahoo or uppity whitie.

Now excuse me while I eat my Taco Bell.

Stupid Donald Trump Veeps

Apparently, among the media and republican crowd, I’m the only one that thinks Indiana Gov. Pence is not the best choice, or even a good choice. Looks like aristocrats telling us what to think again.

Trump is already carrying the TEA Party zealots. Grinch would be a better choice to carry moderates, and more valuable in the general election.

Maybe Trump really does want to be the Hillaryous vice president. Thirty more pesos for Grinch.


Which is to say that while Grinch might have been a challenge to Trump’s ego, a lot of voters might be more willing to support Trump if he had some tempering influence rather than just another “yes” man. Patton, they said, was perfectly grandiose for war, not for president.

A final note: Being a bit old fashioned, and conservative, is one thing. However, Grinch is exactly right in that he has said Islamics that support shariah should be deported. I would, in fact, go a step further and suggest that evangelicals who support shariah should be executed…

The Ominous Algyrithms Of Ethics Vs Pragmatism

Stupid Trump. He started off looking too liberal to even be a republican, then he started with his ambiguous double talk as he wooed moderate conservatives, then he swept across the middle ground ever careful to make sure his growing fascism left room for equal opportunity sensible insult compromise. Next thing you know he came around the around the corner of common sense then squarely combed it over to his version of politically correct profiling. Now all of a sudden Trump is looking like the definitive aristocratic TEA Party zealot.

What is Brexit? I’m not sure either, but I don’t think populism and aristocratic dictatorship exactly square.

Hillary’s New Vice President | Stupid Donald Trump

Apparently, Donald Trump is hell-bent on being the Hillaryous vice president. Listen, Donald, this conversation is now about the right to due process for American citizens.

The question of gun control pales in comparison to the suggestion by Hillary and Trump that American citizens should be denied constitutional rights based on somebodies politically correct version of “profiling” or arbitrary black-listing by the current government regime in power.

The precedent is not just dangerous, it is utterly destructive to the under-pinnings of the constitution and the future of the United States of America. It is an act of war.

Unfortunately, the precedent has already been set by corrupt judges and the corrupt penal system that wrongly believes they have a right to keep someone in jail even after their sentence has been served. If there is a problem in sentencing, those adjustments can be made.

In truth, the denial of due process based on profiling or arbitrary black-listing, isn’t just a lazy fascist mechanism of tyranny, it is an already expanding system of fascism that is deliberate and with the intention to deny the American people in general their most basic human rights and individual autonomy in a grande scheme to advance the “nanny state” and ultimately to provide socialized “Obamacare” that will compulsively foist requirements and restrictions upon the American people, including procreation and abortion, that will amount to nothing less than ethnic cleansing and holocaust.

The fascists who believe this extraordinarily, utterly, destructive precedent will play in their racist favor, are fools who do not recognize they are also stupid and deceived.

Due process by definition means innocent until proven guilty. Dianne Feinstein is a fascist whore who should never be allowed to incite tyranny on TV again.

Who doesn’t have a “checkered past,” only those of priveledge or with a silver spoon in their mouth. Due process is how we fairly determine conviction – not by a dictators politically correct version of “profiling.”

Republican leadership should now move forward to replace Trump at the convention – because Hillary cannot be allowed to be president either.

I am available, or you can just write-in JIM CASEY for president in the general election.

Trump Still Not Racist | Hillary More Disgusting Than Ever

I’m perpetually amazed at the media bias dragging Trump through Hillary’s muddy hole. Trump has not made any racist remarks. It’s obvious to anyone who is objective.

Trump simply said, about an individual, that the individual (judge Speedy Gonzales) that he is biased because of his heritage. That doesn’t make Trump racist, it simply acknowledges that Gonzales is.

Some Republican leadership show their own descriminatory perspective by attacking Trump. They pander to Hispanic Citizen voters by insinuating that they will dump Trump because he doesn’t support illegal foreign nationals who happen to be Hispanic. By their own reasoning, they are racist – as is Hillary and the Democratic party.

In the mean time, Hillary and her protagonist supportors still push the bloody manhole cover button every time they can, only to find out that the tunnel of luv is nothing but a dried up scab.

How disgusting is that? Maybe one day there will be a woman as qualified to be the first woman president as Barack Obama was qualified to be the first black president. Hillary Clinton is not.

Hillary is not a woman, she is the bloody bitch that drove her husband into the arms of the temptress. She is the sticky butt that utilized genetic engineering to propagate female progeny that still required a nose job to smell the shit. Hillary is the incompetant state leader that got an American ambassador killed. Hillary is the coniving whore that set up her illegal email system to cheat the American people, and to aid and abet the enemy who easily drank her leaky communiques.

Even if elected, Hillary would not be the first ‘woman’ president. She would be just another aristocratic plantation boss willing to engage in any disgusting circus act for the purile minded to swallow down.

The women of America deserve better from whoever might be the first woman president. The country cannot afford to sanction the terrorism of the feminazi she-male war on family values, and the liberal community cannot afford to invest their vision of a future without bias and descimination on a bastard whore impersonating a drag queen.

Go away disgusting Hillary, we are tired of third graders pretending to be grown-ups.

Retooling And How To Cut The Pie

You can’t beat Trump. But, Trump can improve. He said this morning that he wants to end poverty and that people live in poverty because they need a job. That’s only partly true.

The truth is, many people live in poverty that have a full time job. The democrats want to redistribute wealth with a higher minimum wage. While the first step in eliminating poverty is cutting the pie more evenly, raising minimum wage is a short term fix because it touches off inflation.

So, to eliminate poverty, not only do you have to create enough jobs to go around, but all jobs must pay a living wage, whether it’s a big college educated job or not. You must grow the pie to make each piece big enough.

In short, getting control of the world economy, and raising the overall employment standards and working conditions, begins with ending the illegal labor coming across the southern border, which could be compared with the illegal Asian sweat shops that exploit their people and even employ children paying only slave wages.

Setting a world standard for a living wage and workplace standards must begin with the retooling of American manufacturing, and by ending the illegal employment practices that disease the entire system.

The United States must recommit to the highest employment and wage standards so that the rest of the world will have a beacon to follow.

Liberal Extremists Are Running For Cover

Little wonder the liberal media and corrupt judiciary are panicking. I certainly don’t approve of censorship, which some have suggested Mr. Trump will attempt. However, if the media were to try reporting the news more honestly instead of using it’s self-imposed censorship by liberal bias model, we might not be in this mess.

Aside from that, I don’t really see how constitutional justice could be anymore under threat than it already is by the ‘democrat’ party of Hillary.

Let’s review:

1) Hillary’s people become violent when orderly freedom of speech and majority rule doesn’t suit them.

2) Barack Obama practically invented the judiciary by executive order.

3) Hillary’s people are reknown for making up their own rules calling their imposition of their version of politically correct an (imaginary) ‘living’ constitution.

I don’t know if Trump will be all that bad. I already know Hillary already is.

Poor Desperate Hillary

Hillary’s true colors are beginning to show. She’s making redicuous, slanderous, incindiary remarks about Trump. If you don’t agree with her version of politically correct, you are ‘unfít.’

The truth is, Hillary’s brand of feminazi fascism is the most dangerous threat in the presidential campaign. Hillary will discard constitutional rights and replace the legitimate process with her imaginary, magical, psychotic delusions. No wonder she got Chris Stephens killed.

I will tell you. I am still running for president, and haven’t endorsed Trump except for Republican nominee. Hillary, however, should be the subject of psychological evaluation, and perhaps commitment – for her own good. Because, she is batcrap fucking crazy and cannot become president of this country.

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