Jim Casey

My Statement on Twitter…

  • Supports stringent regulation against pharmaceutic advertising
  • Supports most of President Trump’s conservative agenda
  • Will help President Trump to Build a Wall on our southern border
  • Supports aggressive vetting for entry
  • Supports the 2nd amendment and gun rights
  • Puts U.S. citizens First
  • Reforming DACA should be reasonable and humane
  • Advocate for nationwide reclassification & legalization of cannabis
  • Will seek to prosecute the organized crime responsible for orchestrating domestic terrorism & the Lee High School bus massacre of 2006
  • Supports net neutrality
  • Denounces religious litmus test for office
  • Supports the constitutional right to freedom of speech
  • Advocate for nationwide municipal law-enforcement reform
  • Will work to reinstate the Johnson amendment
  • Supports constitutional right to be free from illegal search & seizure
  • Repeal & Replace the Obama crop & chop – do it right or not at all
  • Will work to defund Planned Parenthood
  • Will support privacy and individual conduct as determined by the Supreme Court
  • Does not believe “conservative” equals kkk, neo-nazi or fascism
  • Lifelong Protestant
  • It's A Senator !!!

    • Eagle Scout
    • Society of Distinguished American High School Students
    • S.R. Butler High School Jr. Class President, re-elected Sr. Class President, 1980 Graduate
    • Attended University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH)(i)
    • Foster parent approved by Madison County DHR (not current)
    • Member Public Relations Council of Alabama (PRCA) (not current)
    • Elected 1986 Madison County Republican Executive Committee
    • Degree Equivalence – BS in Business Administration and BA in Political Science
    • Exempt retail manager
    • SBO / Editor & Publisher of Internet Periodical / Professional Journalist

    Jim Casey is…
    The New Conservatism

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    Roy Moore
    Roy Moore

  • Doesn’t want black men to vote… he brought the horse
  • Says God opposes Church & State separation, and yet it is biblically explicit
  • False prophet, false doctrine
  • Suspicious self-aggrandizing financial dealings
  • Inappropriate advances on underage women
  • Doesn’t respect the U.S. Constitution
  • Doesn’t support the first amendment
  • Ally of Jeff Sessions & doesn’t support the fourth amendment
  • Doesn’t believe in the Biblical admonition of Church & State separation
  • Practices Old Testament legalism akin to Islamic Sharia law
  • Referred to as the “Ayatollah of Alabama”
  • Has a shady background in the abortion war
  • Not respected by veterans who often mockingly call him “Captain America”
  • Activist judge who legislates from bench
  • Propagandizes with false statements about what the law is
  • Removed from Alabama Supreme Court two times for refusal to follow federal law
  • Roy Moore’s contempt is militant and seditious – he belongs in jail
  • He says homosexual conduct should be illegal
  • Embraces extreme right neo-Nazi propaganda
  • Doug Jones
    Doug Jones

    • Thinks the 2nd amendment is about hunting
    • Has $6,000,000 wants $5 MORE!
    • Suffering from dementia, thinks disillusioned republicans will vote for a bleeding heart liberal
    • Says Washington is “broke,” he KNOWS he’s ALREADY run out of someone elses money
    • Just another establishment wonk
    • Wants to call a civil war meeting
    • Wants to talk about “kitchen table issues” – I don’t know, fork left, fork right, pass the taters
    • Has no intention of winning – doesn’t compromise
    • Doesn’t address actual issues, all cheeky double speak, waiting for Roy Moore to finish self-destruction
    • Chosen by the ABA to be Roy Moore’s flywheel counterbalance
    • Wants to spend all your money on non-U.S. Citizens
    • All out nationalist socialist undermining constitutional liberty
    • Embraces extreme left neo-Nazi propaganda


    Jim Casey is…
    The New Conservatism

    Make your contribution to the Jim Casey Campaign TODAY !!!

    Jim Casey Campaign

    615 Clinton Ave W #2333

    Huntsville, Al 35804-5054



    This website was a loan from me, Jim Casey, to the Jim Casey Campaign. Because the campaign is no longer active, the Jim Casey Campaign has returned ownership and control of the Jim Casey Campaign website to me, Jim Casey. Because of the historical significance of defeating Roy Moore through write-in campaigns, I have determined to maintain this website indefinitely for it’s posterity. As such, since this is no longer an active political campaign, I have chosen to monetize the site to defray the expenses associated with it’s hosting and maintenance.

    Thank you,
    Jim Casey

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