Kudos To The Washington Post

Ted Cruise chose to strap a bomb onto his children and send them into battle. The Washington Post not only not only made the right decision, but had a moral obligation to expose the deeply flawed and amoral charater of Ted Cruise for using his children as human shields in the first place. It’s not surprising that Cruise would do something reprehensible, he has already demonstrated his irrational ultra-extreme cultism – he is unfit to even run for office, not unlike several of his contemporaries.

The Radicalization Of Paul Ryan

Nutbag Paul Ryan is on TV as I write these words. He’s now growing his “Jesus Beard” and shit is oozing from his mouth as he reveals his denial of “blood cultism” and it’s origins.

Ryan speaks on behalf of the Medical Industrial Complex who continues to advance it’s attack on the American public, ultimately to cultivate compulsory genetic engineering.

It’s not a gray area. It is a centrally organized, long term, premeditated agenda that literally results in neo-naziism.

When your kids and grandkids gather on the back forty of the socialist plantation, and contemplate what was the meaning of liberty, freedom and independence, they will wonder – what the fuck was Paul Ryan thinking.