Doug Jones
Doug Jones

  • Thinks the 2nd amendment is about hunting
  • Has $6,000,000 wants $5 MORE!
  • Suffering from dementia, thinks disillusioned republicans will vote for a bleeding heart liberal
  • Says Washington is “broke,” he KNOWS he’s ALREADY run out of someone elses money
  • Just another establishment wonk
  • Wants to call a civil war meeting
  • Wants to talk about “kitchen table issues” – I don’t know, fork left, fork right, pass the taters
  • Has no intention of winning – doesn’t compromise
  • Doesn’t address actual issues, all cheeky double speak, waiting for Roy Moore to finish self-destruction
  • Chosen by the ABA to be Roy Moore’s flywheel counterbalance
  • Wants to spend all your money on non-U.S. Citizens
  • All out nationalist socialist undermining constitutional liberty
  • Embraces extreme left neo-Nazi propaganda