Trump Must Resort To Stratagem

One thing is for sure, this election is rigged… by TRUMP !!!

Trump is just like Grinch was eight years ago when he could have beaten Obama by opposing illegal immigration. Likewise, this election has been Trump’s to lose from the very beginning. If he does loose, as the expert gurus are now saying he’s passed the point of no return, it will be because he chose to throw the election in some sort of magnanimous gesture of affirmative action. Only he knows his true motivations, and only he and God know if he can pull off another miracle and win.

Now, I’m a good guy, and at this point I can say rigging the election for the first black man was the right to to do – since after all, damage control has been fairly effective. And listen up black folks, I’m being straight here. There certainly have been rigged elections long before Obama showed up, so don’t think I’m just impugning the character of the first black crook in the white house just because he’s black. Crooks is crooks.

If Trump does rig the election for Hillary to be the first woman president, damage will be out of control – just like Hillary. It’s one thing to advance affirmative action so individuals are represented, it’s another all together to let that be the basis for fundamental changes that are not supported by the majority, or the constitution. Hillary does intend, for instance, to advance disarmament of the people through constitutional abridgements. Electing the first woman president isn’t important enough to destroy the democratic system.

That’s why it doesn’t matter how blathery stupid Donald Trump is. Either way, it’s damage control. But, at least Trump isn’t threatening to sink the ship over a pea sized hole. We can recover from Trump as president, and one day a woman will come along who isn’t irrational, histrionic, myopic and hell bent on ruling her own mommy god kingdom at the expense of the peoples liberty.

There can still be a woman president. But, for this election, we must first save the republic. If Trump does try to rig the final results for Hillary… we should hold his feet to the fire and make him be president anyway.

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