Neo-Nazi Ben Carson Endorses Trump – No Disavowal?

Donald Trump has not uttered one racist word during his campaign, and yet black people are attacking rallies as though he were David Duke. He isn’t

In the mean time, Ben Carson, who is an extremely violent sociopathic neo-nazi who overtly endorses bloody and violent methods of ethnic cleansing and holocaust, offers his endorsement to Trump with hardly a notice by anyone.Why is it that there is no out-cry against the endorsement by this barbaric cult member/

No doubt, Ben Carson is the penultimate Uncle Tom who would probably be more comfortable at a KKK meeting than on state in a Republican Debate with Trump.

But then, black people aren’t really going out of their way to show themselves as thoughtful intelligent voters either. They continue to endorse illegal immigration, for example, even though that is clearly one undercut that results in an unemployment rate twice as high for black men as the national average. I can’t think of anything more racist and more hateful than supporting illegal immigration.

I recently noticed one New York Times columnist who said the media should stop condescending to black voters like they are kids. But when I see black people who fought so hard for civil rights continuing to embrace their own brand of fascism, and when they inflict discriminatory paper-bag tests on their own kind, and when the opt for plantation style socialism, even when it results in injuring their own – you do have to wonder if they understand what is in their own best interest. Maybe it’s just the histrionic remnants of the 1960’s being manifested like the anger blind tantrum of a five year old. I don’t know.

I do know this. Hate, neo-nazism, fascism, ethnic cleansing, holocaust – don’t become something different just because they are soft-spoken or cleverly worded by Uncle Tom in black-face. I said once before, we are one nation, and maybe if some black folks would spend a little more time being objective about what really is in everyone’s best interest, instead of inflicting a paper-bag test on themselves in the voting booth, it might go a long way to extending the benefits of economic recovery more quickly to everyone.

I also know this. The public dialogue has been too muted when it comes to race, and therefore many issues are not being addressed. I would call on black leadership to reevaluate their lack of guidance and objectivity. Maybe taking the gloves off, and engaging in constructive criticism of black people would result in fewer boxing matches.

Am I being racist? No. I have a lot of criticism for white folks too. But, I am a new generation and I don’t have to, and I’m not going to, swallow a lot of shit from a time when I wasn’t there, and certainly had no control over. As the song says, “nobody’s right if everybody’s wrong.”

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  1. Including Ben Carson in his administration is probably Donald Trump’s biggest mistake, next to de-activating the Johnson amendment.

    Black people are not only capable of racism, some have their own brand of “black supremacy.” While the Seventh Day Adventist cult, to which Carson belongs, is a diverse organization, their neo-Nazi practice of eugenics & ethnic cleansing is pure fascism. It’s a deadly combination that too easily escapes scrutiny from the community.

    And, right in line, I just heard a Madison, Al “Baptist pastor” endorsing Roy Moore. At this point you know that his “Church” is a cult and he’s pontificating a false doctrine. No self respecting pastor would cross the line of church & state separation, not because of the demise of the Johnson amendment, but because it isn’t biblical. For that matter, it’s still unconstitutional. The Johnson amendment wasn’t needed to state what already was and now functions as a paper doll to subvert the constitution.

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