Stop and frisk is brazenly unconstitutional. It is intended to abridge the second amendment. Arbitrary “no fly lists” are brazenly unconstitutional.

Limiting guns is a cop out that ignores the reality that most violent crime is rooted in economics.

The fact is, Chicago, and other cities are largely impoverished. Each of the aristocratic candidates has ulterior motives for ignoring the real answers.

It’s about the constitution stupid.

One Reply to “NO STOP AND FRISK !!!”

  1. Doug Jones has stated that he’s a hunter that “supports the 2nd amendment.” Whut? Listen up Duggie, the second amendment has nothing to do with hunting. The right to keep and bear arms is about self-defense, and not necessarily in regard to crime. The unfortunate truth is, the U.S. could become the victim of a nuclear strike. If that did happen, and you survived, could you protect your home in a state of anarchy? It’s not even impossible to suggest, in the reinvigorated nuclear age, that we would have to fend off an occupying force. That’s what the 2nd amendment is about.

    Kudos to President Donald J. Trump who has defended the 2nd amendment without unconstitutional abridgments. Hay Doug, if you want to go rabbit hunting, that would be good for the kitchen table during nuclear holocaust, but keep your abridgments to yourself.

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