The Fish Is Dead – Or Is It?

The death of Antonin Scalia certainly does add a new dimension to this presidential election. Obviously, the Republican candidates will say the next president, presumably one of their own, should appoint his replacement. But, even if congress can stall for an entire year, can Trump really be trusted to make the appointment?

Even though I am conservative, I did find Scalia’s arguments so extreme they were actually to the point of obtuse. So, a little moderate would be a good thing. Trouble is, look what W Bush did when he gave us John Roberts, he also gave us Obama care. So much for conservative prudence. Still, there is no way the democrats can be allowed to make this appointment. Scalia’s replacement represents what could often be the swing vote on controversial issues. Which also underscores just how badly W screwed the conservatives of this country.

If Obama can push the nomination, watch out for Paul Ryan to suddenly become “flexible,” and if the socialists do manage to take the White House, Hillarious or Bernie, an Obama appointment this time could turn out to be not only his most important lasting legacy – it may end up being considered the final death nell in the coffin of constitutional democracy.

A Republican must be elected, and Obama’s nomination must be stalled. Nothing else is as important.

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