Flirting With Gaga

Sorry girls, sexual assault as an ‘epidemic’ on campus seems a little histrionic to me. Maybe girls need to act a bit more proper, and appropriate. I bet the incidents would drop, and the real assaults could be dealt with more better.

This is a campaign column, and the pattern of unethically obfuscating Hillary’s metaphoric emale abuse is a political issue. It’s right in there with the Catholic Church overshadowing the same emale abuse with the so-called ‘Boston Priest’ scandal.

Some say Trump should disavow David Duke. Real American ethics say Trump should do exactly what he did. Basically, he wasn’t the one giving the extremist Duke media coverage to begin with. I don’t endorse Duke, but even his hate mongering policies are a part of free speech and the democratic dialogue. No one should be summarily excluded.

What is really unethical, is that people like Jeff Sessions go about their business everyday, never wearing a kkk robe, never wearing a swastika, often in white collar jobs; many, many times wearing a blue uniform, who are no less committed to the policies of the kkk or neo-nazism than David Duke. The media still can’t bring itself to admit the crisis in law-enforcement, for instance. At least David Duke can be easily identified.

Trump can do nothing if he can’t get elected, and supporting Trump won’t mean supporting Duke. Supporting Hillary will mean supporting Nationalist Socialism. Hillary may start off looking diverse, but in the long run she is the embryo of resurrecting the party of Adolph Hitler – literally.

I love Gaga, one of the best voices to come along in many years, and think girls should be secure – and I’m really sorry some of them got their feelings hurt. But the cover-up for child molestation, torture and indoctrination, which so often results in permanent, life altering injuries, is not acceptable – the implied comparison is repugnant. There never was an acceptable excuse, and there isn’t one now. So long Hillary.

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