Vaccinating The Children Of Imbeciles

The vaccination debate is not over the value of vaccinations, it is about compulsory medical care mandated by the state. All the embeciles involved should stop avoiding the white elephant that ultimately is about socialized medicine, and compulsory eugenics, ethnic cleansing, genocide, birth control, designer babies, abortion, sexual assignment, thinning hair and eye color. The state should not be in the business of mandating health procedures – EVER !!! It’s a slippery slope that throughout history has already caused immeasurable pain and suffering – not the least of which was Hitler’s Nazi Holocaust. No one wants a child to die from measles, but the results of state mandated health procedures will cause far more and worse suffering. In the event that there is an outbreak of disease in a relatively small pocketed area, intelligent people will reinvigorate their choice to be vaccinated.

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