Liberal Extremists Are Running For Cover

Little wonder the liberal media and corrupt judiciary are panicking. I certainly don’t approve of censorship, which some have suggested Mr. Trump will attempt. However, if the media were to try reporting the news more honestly instead of using it’s self-imposed censorship by liberal bias model, we might not be in this mess.

Aside from that, I don’t really see how constitutional justice could be anymore under threat than it already is by the ‘democrat’ party of Hillary.

Let’s review:

1) Hillary’s people become violent when orderly freedom of speech and majority rule doesn’t suit them.

2) Barack Obama practically invented the judiciary by executive order.

3) Hillary’s people are reknown for making up their own rules calling their imposition of their version of politically correct an (imaginary) ‘living’ constitution.

I don’t know if Trump will be all that bad. I already know Hillary already is.

One Reply to “Liberal Extremists Are Running For Cover”

  1. The liberal news media is at it again. Instead of recognizing Roy Moore as one messed-up individual, they change focus to sex and then want Alabamians to accept a liberal democrat shoved down their throat.

    Alabama is Republican, and conservative. That doesn’t change just because Roy Moore is messed up. If Roy Moore is to be replaced, it shouldn’t be based on the histrionic news story chosen by the liberally biased media – it should be based on respecting the will of Alabama voters.

    Alabama is conservative, write–in Jim Casey and send the messed-up zealot packing. Jim Casey is… The New Conservatism.

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