Retooling And How To Cut The Pie

You can’t beat Trump. But, Trump can improve. He said this morning that he wants to end poverty and that people live in poverty because they need a job. That’s only partly true.

The truth is, many people live in poverty that have a full time job. The democrats want to redistribute wealth with a higher minimum wage. While the first step in eliminating poverty is cutting the pie more evenly, raising minimum wage is a short term fix because it touches off inflation.

So, to eliminate poverty, not only do you have to create enough jobs to go around, but all jobs must pay a living wage, whether it’s a big college educated job or not. You must grow the pie to make each piece big enough.

In short, getting control of the world economy, and raising the overall employment standards and working conditions, begins with ending the illegal labor coming across the southern border, which could be compared with the illegal Asian sweat shops that exploit their people and even employ children paying only slave wages.

Setting a world standard for a living wage and workplace standards must begin with the retooling of American manufacturing, and by ending the illegal employment practices that disease the entire system.

The United States must recommit to the highest employment and wage standards so that the rest of the world will have a beacon to follow.

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